Lesley Powers is a narrative filmmaker based in Los Angeles.  She recently got accepted into Sundance's Directing Actors Co//lab where she'll be honing her skills for eight weeks. In 2019 she was a judge for the Circle City Film Festival, and a Top 10 Jury Picked finalist in the SheDirected competition (helmed by Kate Bosworth) for her short film - Don’t Tell Mom.  Powers, a former panel coordinator for the Bentonville Film Festival is a big believer in the festivals' mission of diversity and inclusion.  She had a 98% female crew on her 2018 short film, Make Yourself at Home.  Her first short film, Mr. Johnson's Julius Caesar, made her a Nashville Film Festival 2015 Horizon Award nominee and sparked her directing journey. Hey Hun comes from her personal experience of hanging on a little too long to toxic relationships, and her "healthy" obsession with MLM's and how they operate.

Lesley resides in Los Angeles with her husband and son.  She reviews film and television shows for her own YouTube show, Watch Woman.  She loves funfetti cupcakes, Sex and the City re-runs, and being on set.   



Rachel Murphy has an in depth knowledge of production for the Film and Commercial mediums. She graduated from Indiana University, Herron School of Art with a degree in Fine Art Photography.  It wasn’t until years later that she found her desire to be immersed in motion.  Rachel has worked in numerous national, regional and local advertising campaigns for the past 18 years.  Film has become a recent adventure in the past 4 years.  Storytelling has become her passion and the challenges this field promotes she craves to cultivate.


She has Line Produced the features,  Between Waves and So Cold The River.  Along with numerous short films Hide & Seek, The Passenger, Through the Window and As We Begin.


Shane Simmons is a producer and actor based in Chicago, IL. He recently produced Kendall Goldberg’s debut feature When Jeff Tried to Save the World, as well as Michael Glover Smith's Mercury in Retrograde and Stephen Cone’s Henry Gamble's Birthday Party. He also helps run the non-profit Elevated Films, which creates first-run independent film events and directs proceeds to youth arts programs in Chicago. Shane has a passion to champion films that dig deeper into human connection and offer a new perspective of our world and what it might become. A Chicagoan by way of Iowa, he is excited to continue building the independent film community in his adopted home.


Tiffany is a Los Angeles-based Camera Assistant, Cinematographer, and Director. Tiffany attended Middle Tennessee State University and graduated with a degree in Film Production. After 5 years in Nashville, she moved to Los Angeles where she's been working as a union 1st AC and non-union DP and Director. Tiffany’s DP work includes Emmy-nominated digital series Ctrl Alt Delete, various award winning short films, ultra-running documentaries Run Your Race and Backbone, and the upcoming feature Two Lives in Pittsburgh.


Wes is a film and television editor in LA with 10 years experience in post production, both offline and online editing. He takes pride in being a jack of all trades who can handle a multitude of tasks in the post production pipeline. Wes is meticulously organized, extremely attentive to the smallest of details, thrives in collaborative environments, and is comfortable dealing with high-profile clients and extremely tight deadlines. His versatility makes him a great asset to any post facility.

When he's not working, Wes loves spending time with his wife and son, watching films, playing the occasional video game, and enjoying the year round sunshine in LA.